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Best Logistics Management Software

logistics management software As a result of a massive global economic fallout guided by the pandemic-induced restrictions, manufacturers today are rethinking their production and logistics software strategies. 

The supply chains have become more resilient, efficient, and competitive than ever before. The use of dedicated software for logistics in the past few years has doubled and the global supply chain in the post-pandemic world now has a lot more to offer. Right from automatic scheduling, geofencing, and real-time tracking capabilities to Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions for smart warehousing, analytics, or last-mile delivery, the applications of technology in the logistics industry have been disruptive.



Predictive data analytics is another great feature that has added more to the shopping experience. The dispatch software used today is equipped with strong data and analytics capabilities. The software provides demand forecasts based on previous shopping trends, order history, and buying behavior. 

With this AI-powered model, businesses can also get a detailed analysis of their procurement cycle, average resource utilization, logistics cost, and time delays. Complete insights on procurement, manufacturing, delivery, and quality control allow businesses to build effective operational strategies, cut down costs and introduce and build better products. With Tookan Logistics, an excellent courier dispatch software, businesses can assign the right person for the right job for maximum fleet efficiency. 


Order Management

Some of the features that simplify the order management process for businesses are automatic scheduling, real-time optimization, and tracking, automatic bill generation, managing order status, and multiple payment gateways. To make order management a seamless and efficient process, one must select a delivery management software equipped with all these features. 

Dealing with high-volume online orders requires proper logistics software solutions. The software must be integrated with high-end features that monitor and track the orders from the manufacturing unit to the delivery point. The software handles everything for the dispatcher which minimizes the need to coordinate everything manually. This includes order receiving, scheduling, processing, storage, and shipping and delivery. 


Seamless Integration 

It may seem like an intimidating task to handle all aspects of logistics right from receiving the order to final courier dispatch. But this is exactly where the use of logistics delivery software comes into play. The dispatcher should track data, monitor real-time information, and ensure a seamless delivery dispatch at all fronts. The organizations can handle all aspects of the enterprise and streamline the process by having a system that seamlessly integrates every function across the supply chain. The better the communication between all parties involved, the more productive the business will be.  


Inventory & Logistics Management

Tracking and optimizing inventory costs is one of the most challenging tasks in logistics management. Therefore, tagging the inventory using Barcode, RFID, or QR-based systems is a good way to track missing, damaged easily, or returned items. The courier tracking software allows you to scan, verify and track the inventory from your mobile devices. 

The centralized SCM system also tracks the real-time inventory position, value/price, location, and status, resulting in optimized procurement. This is beneficial in reverse logistics and warehouse management, where the products are either stacked on the designated shelf or refurbished.

The smart Barcode feature that comes with Tookan delivery management software speeds up the inventory management process, cuts down expenses by reducing additional manpower costs, and minimizes the probability of human errors, especially in cases of bulk orders. The inventory tracking feature also makes the software more reliable and enables easier processing. 


Supply Chain Management

Transparency is one of the key deciding factors for customer satisfaction. With the correct SCM activities in place, businesses ensure that the right product is delivered to the right person at the right time.  

With some of the Tookan’s advanced features like a centralized dispatch dashboard, advanced fleet tracking, and robust cash management system, one can take their supply chain management to a whole new level. 

Efficient supply chain management contributes immensely to the success of any business. The logistics delivery management software must manage the flow of the goods and services, right from the manufacturing unit to the end-users. It controls how well are the goods transformed from raw materials into final products and links the production, shipment, and distribution of a product. 


Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is extremely critical to the entire supply chain since this is where the actual storage, processing, shipping, and returns are initiated. Digitizing the warehouse inventory truly has sped up the courier dispatch services, leading to better customer retention and greater efficiency. Warehouse robots have also been a remarkable addition to the advanced courier software solutions in recent times, which improves accuracy and cuts down half the manual work, and saves a substantial business cost. 

The warehouse management feature in the logistics management software allows businesses to use their warehouses optimally by enabling hassle-free operations. Features like customized prices, quick invoices, electronic notifications, and barcode scanning revamp the last-mile delivery experience. 


Real-time visibility 

Immediate and real-time visibility across all channels of the supply chain has become a game-changer for the on-demand industry. Customers appreciate real-time tracking of ordered goods and instant communication on any possible shipping details. Besides this, accurate data availability also helps dispatchers make arrangements for last-minute requests, orders, or cancellations. No business can escape changes. Therefore it is imperative to gain complete visibility across the supply chain with efficient logistics tracking software to ensure that the dispatcher and agents are quick to respond to last-minute hiccups. 

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